Meet Ginny Albert: Linkedin T-Shirt Professionals Group Member

I'm excited to introduce the members of the LinkedIn T-Shirt Professionals Group. Watch for more member profiles as members reveal valuable secrets, share their expertise, and offer useful advice.

• Ginny Albert
• Artist/T-shirt designer GinnyArt Online

What segment of the T-shirt industry do you work in?


Tell us about your company and your role in it:

"My company is currently a sole proprietorship. I am the artist whose designs appear on what I call "Chic Shirts" The cafepress site places the designs on various items of my choosing -- greeting cards, tote bags, figurines, mouse pads, etc. Once in a while I use a outside silkscreener, particularly when I'm involved in a trade show."

What makes you/your company remarkable?

"The fact that everything is created by me, the concept of GinnyArt, which is expanding from T-shirts into art exhibits, a novel, and a screenplay. The novel entitled "Which Man," was published in July 2007, and is available at Amazon.com, etc. "Which Man" is also required reading at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and is available on the shelves of Georgia State University (Book Store), where I am currently a film major. In December, 2008, I adapted "Which Man" to screenplay format and plan to pitch it to the film industry. My company is multi-facted -- arts and literature. On October 18, 2008 my ink drawings garnered 3rd prize at Smyrna, Georgia's Spirit Walk Art Exhibit. Such drawings will be displayed in 2 exhibits in early 2009. My writer's web site is www.ginnyalbertromanticsuspensemaven.com."

Tell us about your T-shirt expertise and areas of interest.

"I still have much to learn about the T-shirt industry. What I do know is that the T-shirt is so flexible, and will always be vogue. I immediately felt my designs were uniquely suited for display on T-shirts -- particularly the fitted tee."

How did you get your start in the T-shirt industry?

"In 2003 when I wasn't so certain I would ever have art exhibits, or indeed whether my work qualified as art. So, I felt the T-shirt would be the best place to display my designs. After taking a course in business, I launched the on-line store GinnyArt Online."

From where do you draw your inspiration? Motivation? Ideas?

"Love and nature -- mostly botanicals"

What are some challenges you currently face or have overcome in your career? Lessons learned?

"Sharing my designs is a great drawback. In fact, numerous people have informed me that they saw one of my shirts somewhere. It never is completely my design, but I have found that people can make an offshoot of an already existing design, making it different enough that it isn't close enough to your design to be a forgery. I've learned to tread carefully."

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

"My cafepress website. The fact that I have two artistic endeavors that I love well enough to make my life's work. That I published the novel, "Which Man," and that it is required reading at the University of Nebraska. That I am a senior at Georgia State University, majoring in film, and that I now have a screenplay to market. That I feel confident that I have a future in the T-shirt industry."

What advice would you offer to someone new to the industry? Any tips or trade “secrets” you want to share?

"Just be as innovative as you want, and never give up. Early on I wrote down a small list of milestones that I had already achieved, and then I wrote down milestones I wanted to achieve. So many of them have come to fruition. So move forward with your idea, no matter the doubts of naysayers."

What is something unique that you can contribute to the LinkedIn T-shirt Professionals group?

"Creative ideas. In fact, I have an idea that could be utilized by all makers of T-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, etc. It's important and has to do with child safety."

What are you looking to find in the LinkedIn T-Shirt Professionals group? What types of people do you want to connect with?

"I am seeking to partner with someone whose vision is like my own. I believe that there is someone who may have more business experience than I, who will happily handle that part of the business (though I will be aware of all that is going on), while I create. I want to connect with people who are innovative and not afraid to take risks. Anyone I connect with will also have a humanitarian trait, so that ultimately, we can do something that truly contributes to the wellbeing of all human beings."

Do you have an experience with the LinkedIn T-Shirt Professionals group you’d like to share? Have you made some valuable connections?

"So far I haven't connect with anyone. Though, I truly would welcome the opportunity to do so."

Are there any favorite online resources you’d like to share?

"Not off hand, though something may come to mind later. Oh, I also have some of my work at www.hometowngallery.com -- search under artists for Ginny Albert. It's a nice place to display your work. There is another site called www.simplylicensed.com where designs can be displayed."

Is there anything else you want the world to know about you or your company?

"I want the world to know that I am the grandmother of a 18 month old grandson, Jason Wesley. He is the light of my life. My company has a bright future."

Members are welcome to complete the interview and will each be featured here for one week. If you are a T-Shirt Professional looking to make new business connections, join LinkedIn and look us up for details!

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At 4/29/2009, Blogger Gray Matters said...

I am the programming coordinator at the Harris Arts Center in Calhoun GA and Ginny was in a show we had about a year and a half ago. Both her artwork and her tees sold well. Note, she also read from her novel and everyone greatly enjoyed that as well. Ginny is a fabulous artist, good speaker, and a beautiful soul.


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