Meet Chaitanya Singh Arora: Linkedin T-Shirt Professionals Group Member

This week, meet another member of the LinkedIn T-Shirt Professionals Group. Watch for more member profiles as members reveal valuable secrets, share their expertise, and offer advice.

• Chaitanya Singh Arora

What segment of the T-shirt industry do you work in?

"We handle all segments mentioned, right from the fiber state to the finished products. We handle all processes."

Tell us about your company and your role in it.

"We are manufacturers and stockists of Organic Natural dyed clothing,bed linens, towels etc. We only work with Organic cotton, Organic Silks and Bamboo. We are a company which is working very hard in order to change the way things are done. Change in order to save our environment is very important and we are trying very hard to work for the same.Shift from Conventional clothing to Organic clothing is very important. Just by buying 1 Organic Garment or product people in-directly contribute to the green movement as making 1 Organic Garment saves more than 2000 litres of water and 15 kgs of chemicals, please refer to our website for more info on the same.

So our aim is not just to sell Organic clothing but to educate people regarding the same. Our website also has all details about our Organic cottons and Natural dyes we use. We use Herbal/Natural dyes which are received from Medicinal herbs making the complete process of making and dyeing the cloth Organic. Also because we use medicinal herbs for the dyeing the fabrics also have therapeutic value in them, they work wonderfully for Asthma,skin allergies etc. Thus its a wonderful product people get. they get an Organic product and the therapeutic value with it is a bonus."

What makes you/your company remarkable?

"Please refer to the earlier answer. We also offer all custom developments and can also make as low as 1 Garment for a start up buyer in order to increase our client base and to make sure more and more people get interested in Organic products."

Tell us about your T-shirt expertise and areas of interest.

"We enjoy the development process and it gets some wonderful new ideas every time we develop a new design."

How did you get your start in the T-shirt industry?

"We are exporters for the past 35 years, its a family business we are working on."

From where do you draw your inspiration? Motivation? Ideas?

"In certain Indian villages people without any technical knowledge or training people carry on Organic farming. This was an amazing process to see, also they carry on Natural dyeing with herbs and plants. This added to the level of interest i build in for Natural products.Plus the changing world opinion on Organic products helped us move forward and get motivated to work with Organic textiles."

What are some challenges you currently face or have overcome in your career? Lessons learned?

"We want Organic clothing and textiles to get to the mass market in India which is a task as changing the trend is something which takes time. More than anything peoples mind sets need to be changed which is a difficult thing to do."

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

"Our products have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show which really helped in marketing and educating people about the advantages of using Organic products. Also when a customer re-orders its a accomplishment in itself for us as we know more and more Organic products are getting to the people."

What advice would you offer to someone new to the industry? Any tips or trade “secrets” you want to share?

"Just have a vision and work towards it.Hard work conquers all and be patient as things take time. That is it."

What is something unique that you can contribute to the LinkedIn T-shirt Professionals group?

"I can offer all kinds of Manufacturing services, as explained earlier we offer all services which at times is difficult to find. We are a one-stop shop for all Organic Knitted Garments or T-shirts."

What are you looking to find in the LinkedIn T-Shirt Professionals group? What types of people do you want to connect with?

"I'm still new to Linkedin."

Members are welcome to complete the interview and may be featured here. If you are a T-Shirt Professional looking to make new business connections, join LinkedIn and look us up for details!

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